About me

I am a Technical Lead, CTO and DevOps specialising in high performance architectures handling millions of daily users and financial transactions.

I am interested in Head of Engineering and CTO positions. This can be both at well funded start-ups and big companies, where I can help with my wide experience in teams management, tech strategy building, software development and architecture in DevOps environments at scale.

I am also available for gigs helping your technical team boost their cloud and DevOps skills in automation, CI/CD, images creation, monitoring, logging, infrastructure as code, costs reduction and speed improvements.

As an employee and consultant, I have helped a wide range of companies succeed. Some examples are: Holaluz, Exoticca, SocialPoint, Filmin, Ulabox, Hailo, Wonga, Privalia, Banc Sabadell and many more!

In the open source world, I have co-created of Ansistrano, the Ansible role with most Github stars and I try to contribute to relevant projects as you can see in my Github profile. I also deliver occasional talks at tech events and local meetups

I enjoy helping the tech community get together and level up co-organising the DevOps Barcelona Conference and the PHP Barcelona Conference

If you think I can help you in your project you can contact me at ricard.clau@gmail.com

You can also follow me on Twitter